January 30, 2013

Master Of The Universe Classics: LEECH

My first post for January 2013. Presenting: Master Of The Universe Classics figure - LEECH. This figure was in my ebay watchlist for quite sometime but I never got the chance to get it due to so many temptations of other toys and it was nearly forgotten. Eventually, one member of the FaceBook group that I joined, posted some MOTU figures up for sale and LEECH was in the list. I immediately snatched it without delay. It was sold for a decent price of BND$40.00, totally dead mint in box! which is quite reasonable. Although this figure was more likely a reissue of the vintage LEECH that I used to own, but LEECH is still LEECH. Only this figure got some aesthetics improvement to it with new head sculpt, articulations for the arms and legs and of course, new packaging. However, this new LEECH lost its suction gimmick comparing to the original use to have but he still maintain his vintage appearance and colours.

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