June 16, 2011

Randomness For Today...

My next built, Reborns Gundam. Done with the torso, hands and the Reborns Cannon head. Also panel lines with enamel still in progress.

No foil stickers here, just paint with green metallic gundam marker.

Today, I went somewhere on planet earth and visit this local toyshop selling some cheap and more likely, some old and out of production toys, and to my surprise, I found this vintage toy called 'CUPCAKES'. I remember watching it on TV toy commercials during the early 90's and this is no exceptional. Being the only piece on the shelf and with price tag of BND $9.80, I decided to grab it for my daughter and she like it so much. I checked eBay, and its definitely to be a VHTF (Very Hard To Find) item nowadays.

Date of production; 1990!

Cupcakes conversion...No legs here, the petticoat is made up of some stiff rubber-like plastic. So it stands on its petticoat.

Fold the petticoat up...

The big hat as a top filling.

And its now a cupcake. Although Its not edible.

After my daughter done playing with her (sooner or later), you know kids! they tend to lose interest quickly if there's something new, I planned to put it back in its clamshell case and treasure it. For the mean time, I let her enjoying her playtime moment.

Next, this cute POP HEROES Superman vinyl figure from Funko.

Size comparison with a SD Gundam.

There are several 'heroes' and 'villains' to collect. Dare to collect them all?

I guess this goes safely stored with my smurf.

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  1. oh my god.. the cupcakes barbie! i really miss this doll. i still keep it even the both hands are broken. where do you buy it ? i do want it :), can u send me on message facebook please ?