June 24, 2011

Gundam: CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam

Finally! This is one awesome kit. No stickers used here, just paint with a bit of gundam markers and, as usual, panel lined with enamel. The purple on the head and chest piece was a result of mixing blue and red gundam markers, it turned out to be quite O.K, although a bit dark. However, there are few areas I'am not bother to paint and just skip it.

This suit reflects the pilot; Ribbons Almark, an androgynous appearance of both feminine and masculine. Here, a Gundam with high heels?

Reborns Cannon coversion...extend the shoulders so the head can be lowered down the body and pops out the Cannon's head at the back.

Unfortunately, you have to remove the hands, rotate the arms, the fit in the Cannon's funny looking three fingered hands.

Some neat mechanical feature for the legs, swivel it backwards and the sides extend outwards.

The GN Shield and buster rifle.

The Reborns Cannon mode.

Looks weird from the rear.

Those GN-Fangs are removable.

The only paint job I skipped was on the front skirt. They should be a bit of a light yellow, I did try mixing yellow and white Gundam markers but it turned out uneven. So I left that part out.

Just put everything in reverse to get back to Gundam mode.

Too lazy to paint the saber.

Comparing with the O Gundam.

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