May 2, 2011

Gundam: MC Model MSN-04-02 SD Nightingale

My package arrived today. After reading and viewing blogs and wordpresses from others and watching reviews on youtube about this kit, I decided to get one from eBay. I must say, I'am a bit impress with the size. Its huge. I bought it for a hefty price of BND $75.++ including shipping. But there's a catch, this purchase is a package. You can get it cheaper if its a regular. The actual package comes with metal decals and some metal option parts, but I requested the seller to exchange from metal to water decals, and with no extra charge, the seller agreed. Oh yeah! I forgot, its from Hongkong. If you want to know more reviews and see pictures of this kit, then google it or watch it on youtube.

The LED for the mono eye, plus with batteries too. Sweet!

Water decals and option parts.

Metal thrusters, and alot of them in various sizes.

Coloured instruction booklet. Nice!


  1. looking forward for this =) sounds like a resin kit

  2. hi aya! its a plastic model kit aya, not resin =), i'll do some snapfitting if i got free time soon.

  3. Oh wow, that's alot for freebies ! I can't even imagine to paint the thrusters. I mean, that's hell alot....

  4. Lucky you dude, they have water decals and option parts. Mine is not including Water decals and Metal thrusters. price is only $25.++ here in my country (philippines).