May 22, 2011

Gundam: Hiling Care's Garazzo

Another snapfit kit. This time its Hiling Care's Garazzo. I use enamel paint to do the panel lines and some minor painting on the shoulders. I prefer Bring Stabity's Garazzo colour scheme, anyway, its still a Garazzo though.



GN Drive is also an escape pod if Garazzo got screwed.

Thats it, I'am done. Until the next built.

May 15, 2011

Gundam: SD Gundam Sangokuden Shibai Sazabi (Snapfitted)

I'm in the mood for another snapfit and this kit has been stacked up high along with my other unassembled Gundam kits that I harbour last year. No painting and decals here, just some glue and seam line removing.

Comparison between a Bandai SD and MCM SD kit.

The open palm, same like the one on the Nightingale.

May 9, 2011

Gundam: MC Model MSN-04-02 SD Nightingale (Snapfitted)

First off, it took me one whole day to finish this kit yesterday, no painting or decaling yet, just snapfitting, sanding and abit of glue and seamline removing. Overall, its a nice kit, although not made by BANDAI, this kit deserve some credit. The quality is pretty much decent and nearly as good as BANDAI. Parts and pieces are well molded, coloured and fits nicely (although I do see some stress marks on some areas). You can't get any other SD models larger than this (may be), its like a MG version of a SD kit , LED + batteries also included for the mono eye. Its money well spent.

I decided to fit all the metal thrusters and funnels. It made the Nightingale heavier than usual. If not for the rear 'tail', it would fall on its back.

Carefully fitted and balanced on the action base, otherwise it will toppled down.

The LED, simple gimmick.

Bought this gatling gun by Kotobukiya lastweek. The barrel rotates by means of a spring coil that you need to wind up at the rear. Cool feat!

Since Nigtingale does not have any extra hands for holding a gun or a saber like any other Gunpla kits, I crafted one by using a bootleg and fit it on the right arm to hold the gatling gun, although its abit loose. Now Nightingale got a new gatling gun in its weaponry. However the arm cannot handle the weight.

Looks menacing!

May 2, 2011

Gundam: MC Model MSN-04-02 SD Nightingale

My package arrived today. After reading and viewing blogs and wordpresses from others and watching reviews on youtube about this kit, I decided to get one from eBay. I must say, I'am a bit impress with the size. Its huge. I bought it for a hefty price of BND $75.++ including shipping. But there's a catch, this purchase is a package. You can get it cheaper if its a regular. The actual package comes with metal decals and some metal option parts, but I requested the seller to exchange from metal to water decals, and with no extra charge, the seller agreed. Oh yeah! I forgot, its from Hongkong. If you want to know more reviews and see pictures of this kit, then google it or watch it on youtube.

The LED for the mono eye, plus with batteries too. Sweet!

Water decals and option parts.

Metal thrusters, and alot of them in various sizes.

Coloured instruction booklet. Nice!