March 4, 2011

VW Samba Bus

This iconic vehicle may possibly make a dramatic comeback. Recently at the Geneva's Motorshow, Volkswagen unveiled a new version of the well known hippy mobile. To find out more, read here and here and watch here. I began to wonder, if there's a new Samba, then the classic Samba might possibly be ancient one day, so before it went out of line, I grabbed these two as a remembrance.


  1. I also have some Maisto products in my car collections (which is not much to brag about). The Maisto products are quite cheap and looks great, it cannot fight the high end (but bloody expensive) Auto Art but so far I'm happy with what I pay and what I get from Maisto....

  2. maistos are much more cheaper and detailed comparing to other brands in the same genre. hotwheels are overrated but have a cetain amount of collectible values in them. as for autoart, you're right about one thing, its bloody expensive, i once owned just one model but sold it for just $100, hehehe :)