January 2, 2011

Purchase Of The Day...

Bought these 2 at CH this morning, a Revoltech ZOIDS Geno Breaker and SHFiguarts Kamen Rider V3.

Actually, this is my first Revoltech figure. Nice additional to my ZOIDS collection (Too bad this one is not motorized). If I'am not mistaken, the Geno Breaker is an update version of the Geno Saurer, both can be seen in the "ZOIDS Chaotic Century" anime series.

Image below from http://www.1999.co.jp/eng

Yet again, another Kamen Rider.


  1. actually i'am not heavily in love with kamen rider though, the first kamen rider i watched was kamen rider black, that was many years ago when i was a small boy, but after watching kamen rider decade and double, and reading your reviews about kamen riders, i see why not have a go collecting them a few :) may be 1 or 2,3 figures.

  2. I see, Black was one of the best during the old times... Decade and Double I haven't watch, but I like Decade coz it's pink... hehehehe... yeah, glad that you like the figure review.

    That's the right attitude - just get a few that you really like and that should be enough....