January 19, 2011

M.A.S.K Hurricane

Another vintage toy arrived. Make it, item 2/15 eBay purchases arrived. Price? About USD $70+ including express shipping. This time, its M.A.S.K Hurricane and the best part is, its a Chevy 57. Although its not mint (what to expect from a 20+ year old toy), it only had some minor wear on the chromes and some scratches, nothing is broken, the mechanism still work and the colour still outstanding. Only this time, no instruction paper and catalogue included (unlike Buzzard). Box got crumpled during shipping though. Reason for purchase? I love vintage toys and (for me) the 80's is the golden era. Plus I like Chevy 57. Its so classic. Up 'til now, I'am still waiting 3 more Hotwheels' Chevy 57 yet to arrive. Hopefully the local post office didn't screw up.

1 comment:

  1. Got this way back on 90s, can't believe that i almost forgot this one..