July 13, 2010

Gundam: Mr. Bushido's Ahead

First off, this is how it should look like.

This is my version of Mr. Bushido's Ahead.

I mentioned about modifications on the back thrusters using a cable tie in my previous post. Well, I made some 'vents' inside the thrusters, its not that much but it does make it more detailed. Those thrusters were actually hollow. So I measured and cut a white, medium sized cable tie and painted it yellow as a base colour then dash it with metallic red. Then I cut some left-over runners and glued them inside the thrusters so the 'vents' would not go deep, except for on the skirts. You may notice that I skipped painting orange for the 'flaps' on the thrusters because after several attempts painting them, it didn't achieved what I expected. So the mods are to compensate the 'flaps'.

As for the two beam sabers (Howard and Daryl), applying the same painting method used for the thrusters.

However, there are flaws. I didn't remove the seam lines on the upper part of the legs and some haste masking job resulting some minute imperfections. Its unnoticeable but overall, I'am quite satisfied and may be so do Graham Aker :)


  1. Hi my first time here.
    what paint did you use for paint this ??

  2. Hi Aya! thanks for dropping by! i used some tamiya's spray cans for this kit; metallic red, gun metal, orange, yellow gundam marker and clear coat :)