June 21, 2010

Transformers: Hasbro's 25 Years Anniversary Insecticons

Tonight, after months spending its life on the shelf, I decided to open it. This is more likely a repost from the previous. Anyhow, I got this from eBay and the seller padded the package with strips of newspapers and, to my surprise, a Walmart plastic bag. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to keep it.

The Insecticons.

Its exclusive. Yeah right!

I felt a bit disappointed to see Hasbro changed their names in this re-issue. But hey, I still remember their original names...




After thinking about keeping it mint and vintage, I decided not to remove them from their plastic encase. As usual, this will be cling wrapped, shelved and treasured.

One more thing, since Toy Story 3 premier is just around the corner, I got some free time to snap some pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Potato that I bought recently and a couple of years back. The Potatoes are characters from the Toy Story trilogy. Both Potatoes appeared in Toy Story 1 and 2 previously and the upcoming sequel is no exceptional. Planning to 'foraging' my vintage Woody and Buzz from Toy Story 1 in near future. Anyway, both Potatoes I bought below are from the local shopping store. I guess you know where it is.

This is my favourite Mr. Potato set. Bought it in Singapore a few years ago. It was this Potato that made me reminiscence my childhood days. How do I know Mr. Potato? Ago, I mean 23 years ago, I bought Mr. Potato colouring book but I never watched the cartoon as it was never aired on local TV channel. As time fly by and I grew up, I never thought about getting the real Mr. potato toy myself after so many years until I stumbled on to this. Its quite a tale to tell. Although currently there are variations like Transformers and Iron Man, I'am not into it. It doesn't have that sentimental value. For me, the classic Mr. Potato is the real Mr. Potato that I knew 23 years ago. No offence.

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