June 25, 2010

Gundam: Mr. Bushido's Ahead (WIP 1)

I'am in the mood to built a Gundam and Mr. Bushido's Ahead is so lucky to be chosen. Anyway, Just for today, I've done the head with reworking the tip of the chin, make it a bit longer. Since I don't have or haven't bought plaplates yet, I use a bootleg Gundam as plaplates. Bootlegs can be useful sometimes and it works!

One thing I don't like about is the face. Bandai should have made it as a seperate piece for easy painting. I'am having a hard time painting those yellow eyes with a toothpick and using a panel line marker to do the outline. But overall, I'am happy with the eyes done perfectly.

The tip of the horns also sharpen.

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